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Some roads doing well…some not

by Phil Hobson on 21 November, 2007

It’s this time of year that roads start to decy at an alarming rate. Mostly it is due to the freezing and thawing action of water in the cracks of a road surface that can create a pothole out of no where in just a few weeks.

The Bulwark Road reconstruction project is going well and is on course to finish by December 21st: not bad considering a new road surface, new street lights, pavements and street signs, as well as some new kerbing and drains in some places.

With all resources going into this major project, other roads are showing signs of neglect.

Hence today, going to the doctors in Vauxhall Lane, I saw that there are a number of new potholes appearing in Vauxhall Road.

This road is vital for the area since Mounton Road became one-way up hill.

So, another e-mail off to the Area Manager to get the Highways Inspector to look at he road and get a road condition report. We need this done so that the road can get on the resurfacing list.

Hopefully we can get a site meeting in the early New Year and lobbying our case effectively.

The Focus team got one done a couple of years ago, we we need to lobby all the time and make a noise if we are going to get what we want.

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