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Larkfield Focus 23

by Phil Hobson on 17 December, 2007

Larkfield Focus 23 is now being delivered this week with a special Chrichristmas.jpgstmas Card and Calander.

Thanks to all the team who are helping to get it out to every home in the ward.

Just goes to show, even the week before Christmas, and it getting colder by the night, what team work can do.

Thanks again all!

Phil and Jane



7 Responses

  1. CubCrandcab says:

    Christmas Greetz you two 🙂 !

  2. Neonsetrere says:

    Good to see you the other night. Delivering in the dark?!?! Merry Xmas.

  3. adamjeduq says:

    Thanks for the focus. Keep it up. Happy Christmas guys.

  4. moormuncelm says:

    Nice christmas greetings. Meery Christmas to you both.

  5. knorounny says:

    Thanks for the Xmas card. Good to see you guys using a christian theme.

  6. dandjreynolds says:

    we both really like your positive approach. Keep positive and you’ll continue to get our votes.

  7. moistiamn says:

    got your opponents leafet (if you can call it that) slagging you off big time. says you do nothing. LOL! He mentions you more than himself. Anyway they are right when they say Phil Hobson “person best placed to get things done”. Keep up the hard work. no one believes what they have to say.

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