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Roads and that term ‘velocity patching’

by Phil Hobson on 17 December, 2007

ch1-temp-1.JPGSome roads get their potholes filled in with a bit of tarmac hammered in, some get the surrounding road surface cut-out and re-laid with new tarmac and sealed. Other reported repairs get a treatment called ‘velocity patching’.

What is velocity patching? 

From what I understand from highways engineers, it is a method to prolong the decaying road surface as a temporary measure until full resurfacing can be done.

We’ve had two examples of this work completed by this method: High Beech Lane and Hill Top (off Newport Road).

Both with very different results.

High Beech Lane seems  to be holding OK – but the team will be keeping an eye on this.

Hill Top is not. Just days after the treatment to Hill Top’s road surface was completed, I was asked to rush around by some residents to see, what could only be described then, as a mess. Whole handfulls of chippings were loose.ch1-temp-2.JPG

Highways have just got back to me to say that they disagree that the treatment has failed. The residents and I say it has.

So, stalemate there for the moment.

However, Highways have been out ot look at the road surface and confirmed today that they will send out a gang to work on some more temporary repairs.

Hill Top resident’s were promised a new road surface this financial year and didn’t get it. They got something as a temporary measure. But a promise is a promise and I will hold MCC to their commitments.


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