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When rules play with people’s lives

by Phil Hobson on 17 December, 2007

monmouthshire-county-counicl-logo.JPGA recent bit of casework from a resident leads me to ask you to compare this one:

  • If you are on the council housing waiting list and after years of waiting you are offered accommodation, you have to right to refuse it, if it doesn’t meet with your requirements.  ‘First refusal’ doesn’t lead to being penalised.
  • If you are on the allotment waiting list and after ten years are offered a plot and it is not suitable and you refuse to take it, the council threatens you with being put to the back of the list.

Yes – it’s true.

Some departments of the council understand that offers of housing may not be right for you.

With allotments it is a draconian ‘take it or get to the back of the queue’.

Since when did we start living in the “Fascist State of Monmouthshire?”

It is this sort of petty rule imposition that generates huge amounts of casework.

And why, when residents and constituents have got no where, turn to their councillor, where I write a letter, make a call, or say ‘come on, a bit of common sense’ that suddenly everything is all right and common sense prevails.

So far, common sense has not prevailed.

And I am still battling for some!

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