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Progress on the Roads

by Phil Hobson on 18 December, 2007

Some good news this morning from the MCC’s new area Highways Inspector.

We’ve now got some news on some more roads that need attention and in a pretty poor state:

St. George’s Road and St. David’s Close are both not on the current list of roads to be assessed for resurfacing. Despite having workmen out several times over the last four years to repeatedly fix potholes.

However, the Focus team is assured that they are to be investigated and assessed for resurfacing in early 2008.

It can’t come soon enough. Both these roads were laid out in the 1960s and haven’t been touched since. When laid out by the developer the council didn’t have to play for the surfacing. So when we (finger’s crossed) get both roads resurfaced it will be the first time in their history that council has had to invest some money.

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