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Good News…and quicker than we thought!

by Phil Hobson on 21 December, 2007

Sometime things happened faster than you think they will, and “events, events, dear boy” happen and you chase them just to stand still.

The Highways Inspector for the area has e-mailed with some good news on Vauxhall Road and Mounton Road.

It appears that Vauxhall Road is already on the list for priority for resurfacing. It will go into the 2008-2009 financial year round. So the race is on to make sure we get this road resurfaced. Though, it always is about lobbying.

The Focus team know we have to remind the Highways Officers again, again and again about our roads and get them done.

It’s no good getting on the list and hoping.

We can hope. Or, we can do.

Mounton Road will, at last, say goodbye to those awful, and sometimes dangerous, plastic bollards.

The road is at last to see the construction of the footpath along the road, which means that the street will be closed-off, expect for access, from mid jnaury for up to eight weeks.

At last – we were promised this twelve months ago. This time, howver, things are very different. Traffic Orders have been published. This means it’s going to happen this time.

After 12 years of a campaign to get a pavement up the hill along this narrow road, we will have it done.

Sometimes things take twelve years. But Jane and I and the team are so pleased. At times we thought it would never happen. Just keep ‘doing’ rather than ‘hoping’ and things will happen.

So, events have caught the team out. We’ve just finsihed delivering Focus 23 to the ward with a Christms Card only now to find out that the anticpated site meeting in the New Year is no longer needed.

Another letter to the residents to keep everyone up-to-date.

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