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Bits and Bobs

by Phil Hobson on 10 March, 2011

St. Andrew’s Avenue
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The Focus team have asked for some tree maintenance work to be done to the large lime tree in the street as well as litter clearance that has been caught in undergrowth.

Mounton Road
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Report passed to Highways Department to inspect state of road surface as well as fix potholes along the road from the junction of St. Lawrence Road to junction with Vauxhall Road and Severn View residential home.

Piggy’s Hill/Bulwark Park

The Focus team chased up the footpath works in the park. We want to see the new non-slip surface applied to the paths through the park (especially the downhill section!), as well as the mound of earth removed at the entrance of the park at St. George Road.

Vauxhall Road/Fitzosborn Close
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BT recently installed a new cabinet at this junction.  This is a part of the upgrading works by the company to provide the next generation of interent/broadband services. However, the company thought it was ‘OK’ to install the new large cabinet in the footpath. It’s an eyesore. So we’re working with a local resident to have the cabinet sited in a better, less obstructive and intrusive position.

This means working with MCC’s Planning Department and BT plc.

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