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Here you can find your local Lib Dem Focus Team contacts for each of the five wards in Chepstow:  

Chepstow Larkfield Ward Jane Robbins Protrait 1  

Jane Robbins 

2 St. Andrew’s Avenue, CHEPSTOW NP16 5HP

Town Councillor for the Larkfield Ward (Term 2008-2012), previously elected in 2004 and at a by-election in 2002.  

Jane was Deputy Mayor of Chepstow (Term 2009-2010) and chairs the Town Council’s Amenities Committee responsible amongst things: the annual Christmas Switch-On events, Chepstow in Bloom and activities surrounding other notable events throughout the year. Jane is also on the Town Council’s Planning Committee, which looks at every planning application in the town and makes representations to the County Council, who determine whether application are passed or disapproved.

Serving on the Council’s Finance, Policy & Audit Committee, Jane is committed to obtaining value for money for the Town’s taxpayers and residents. An active member of the Drill Hall Management Committee, ensuring the hall is open to the people of Chepstow providing a wide range of events; Jane can be regularly seen at the Drill Hall on film nights – usually helping behind the bar!  

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Phil Hobson   

 Yr Hen Archdy, 8 Church Road, CHEPSTOW NP16 5HP

 Tel: 079 6634 3978




                       Tel: 079 6634 3978E-mail:  

Representing the Larkfield Ward on Chepstow Town Council and Monmouthshire County Council (Term of Office 2008-2012).    


 He was originally elected to the Town Council in 1993 and has subsequently been re-elected four times. He served as Mayor of Chepstow for 2004-2005.  Phil was elected to serve the ward on the County Council in 2004 and was re-elected, increasing his majority in 2008 for a further four years. On the Town Council he chairs the Finance, Policy and Audit Committee.   

His responsibility as chair is to guide the Committee and the Council to achieve and agree a budget, a legal requirement. As the Chair he’s responsible for drafting the annual budget and leads the committee who review and monitor the expenditure of public funds and ensures the Council does not overspend and takes corrective action where pressures are identified.  Now in his eighth year as Chair, in recent years the overall increase in Council tax has been arrested with neutral (no increase, no decrease), small reductions and below inflation increases becoming the order of the day: a radical change from earlier years.   

During his leadership Chepstow Town Council has funded new Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) dedicated to the town’s five wards; rescued the Drill Hall from potential closure and ensured its future, opening its doors once again to the people of the Town; purchased the historic Town Arch and Gatehouse in the High Street from the County Council and secured its future by completing a full renovation; improving our local environment by funding volunteer community clean-ups in public spaces and woodlands across Chepstow. More recently, the Town Council is looking to keep open public toilets in the town by bidding for the cleaning contract to provide a better service for less cost to local taxpayers and all within the counil’s budget meaning no impact to the town’s taxpayers! “Really difficult, but it can be done!”, says Phil.  

Whilst achieving greater efficiency savings and value for money for taxpayers, the Town Council’s portion of annual Council Tax increases has been kept down to absolute minimums. For the tax year 2011-2012 has been a freeze in council tax for the Town Council.  

 On the County Council, he leads the Liberal Democrat Group of County Councillors. He serves on several committees and is currently writing the Council's Afforable Housing Report, which is envisaged will become the official policy of the County Council.  





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Chepstow St. Christopher’s Ward:  

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Chepstow St. Mary’s Ward:  

SULLIVAN, Jacqui 1Jacqui Sullivan    

Artists Corner, 6-7 Beaufort Square, CHEPSTOW NP16 5EP  

Tel: 01291 627 393 (day); 079 8126 2249 (eve)  


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Chepstow St. Kingsmark Ward:  


Chepstow Thornwell Ward: